Top 5 Best Chess Games/Apps

Top 5 Best Chess Games/Apps
Top 5 Best Chess Games/Apps

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games of strategy that people still play with interest. In this game, you need to think strategically and make quality decisions. But today is a world of technology; all those games that we played manually and onboard can be played online, such as it becomes easier to play chess tournaments online with chess apps. However, these online chess games are not as popular as conventional board games, but they require mental exercise and effort like traditional chess games.

There are many apps introduced for the chess game. The game is the same no matter which of these options you choose, but features differ in every app. Here in this article, we have listed the top five best chess game apps, and you don’t need a high-end smartphone to run these game apps as they can run on almost any smartphone, not taking too much space. These apps are as below;

Best Chess Games/Apps


Chess is one of the most popular chess games apps on mobile. It has basic stuff, such as casual and pro play modes, achievements, leaderboards, and even cloud saving. This app attracts millions of chess players worldwide and currently has more than 7 million members. The chess apps help you find rivals at your level,  whether you are a total beginner or a strong grandmaster. In addition to this, the chess app is with different options that can attract kids easily. Moreover, the chess app enables you to read chess articles online and watch instructive video lessons.

#2. Play Magnus

Play Magnus is another top-best chess game app. This app is a two-dimensional chess game where your rival will be Grand Master Magnus Carlsen, where different skill levels are based on Magnus Carlsen’s ability at given ages. Hence, with this app, you get a chance to learn from the virtual Magnus Carlsen at different simulated ages. Some fantastic features attract the chess lovers, such as features like “Brain Power” boost and Magnometer help you identify whether the rival is bluffing with the next move or not. There is an option of training videos for beginners as well.

#3. DroidFish

 This app has a modest approach to the game. However, this app game is simpler than other versions available but still lets you play in analyze mode, choose between different playing engines, adjust the playing strength. You can even add or remove chess engines of your choice from the list provided by the developer. It also has different color themes, animated moves, and even a blindfold mode that makes the player even more excited while playing.

#4. Battle Chess 3D

It is a uniquely designed game that is 3d styled and makes it exciting, while a Harry Potter Hogwart-style chess board adds a little drama to your gameplay. The game has three difficulty levels. You can also play the game online. However, if you are into the game and not into graphics, this is not the one. The Battle Chess 3D has a 3.7 rating and over 37,000 downloads.

#5. Chess Clock

Chess Clock is another chess app that offers. This app doesn’t have a game within itself, but the app instead gives users the ability to get a clock for real-world chess games. In this app, the player has to tap on their side of the screen when they finish making a move, just like they would on a proper chess clock. There are conveniently placed pause and reset buttons on display. Users are advised to be careful here as they might accidentally tap the pause or recent button after finishing a movie. If you love a little exciting competition, a chess clock is a perfect tool for your training. If you meet a chess friend to play some games but don’t have a chess clock at hand, you can use this excellent chess app on your tablet to play under time pressure and thus, collect a profound playing experience. 

Wrapping Up!

Chess has always been an exciting and popular game among people. A few decades ago, chess players who wanted to play chess needed to find a human opponent. But today, everything has changed; we are living in a world full of technology. Now everything has shifted to digital, and today many chess apps are available on smartphones; players can play chess anywhere, anytime on their smart devices.

We hope that the top five chess apps mentioned above will be exciting to play, especially for chess lovers.

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