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Try to survive our survival games! Arrived last day on earth, zombie apocalypse!
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Mar 17, 2024
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Live or Die: Survival MOD

Live or Die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games

Live or Die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games is a post-apocalypse game focused on survival in a world filled with zombies and scarce resources. The game combines elements of RPG, survival simulator, shooting games, and action, drawing inspiration from popular titles like Last Day on Earth and Days Gone. Players must navigate the open world, build and upgrade shelters, gather resources, craft essential items, complete quests, and fend off mutant enemies in order to survive the apocalypse.

Features of Live or Die Zombie Survival Games:

  • Over 100 items available for crafting and use
  • Challenging survivor quests to overcome
  • Exploration of underground bunkers to uncover valuable resources
  • Raids on other survivors’ shelters for additional supplies

Rules of Survival in Live or Die:

Gather resources with an ax, pickaxe, or other tools:

Resources can be obtained from the surrounding environment by using tools such as axes and pickaxes. Wood and stone are vital materials for building and should be gathered as a priority. Exploring the open world may also yield tools, weapons, and other essential resources for survival.

Try hunting and grow food:

Hunting and agriculture are necessary for sustenance. Players must actively seek out wildlife to hunt and cultivate their own crops to ensure a stable food supply.

Make survival craft tools, weapons, and armor:

Prepare for unpredictable encounters by crafting powerful weapons such as AK-47s, M4s, SVDs, and more. Additionally, armor and tools should be crafted to improve the chances of survival in dangerous situations.

Build and upgrade shelter:

Players must focus on maintaining and fortifying their shelter to withstand the constant threats of the open world. The construction system in the game allows for flexibility in designing and upgrading shelters.

Upgrade your survivor in our shooting game:

Survivability can be increased by finding and improving armor, as well as by enhancing various survival skills throughout the game.

Zombie defense: defend shelter or base defense:

Players will face relentless attacks from zombies, requiring the development of strategic defense tactics and the ability to effectively protect their home base.

Explore the open world:

The game offers an expansive open world filled with varied locations to explore, including airplane crash sites, military bases, bunkers, and more. Resources and valuable upgrades for shelters and vehicles can be found during exploration.

Learn the history life after survive of the apocalypse:

An unknown cataclysm has transformed the world into a desolate wasteland overrun by zombies. Players are tasked with unraveling the truth behind the apocalypse and finding ways to save humanity from the zombie menace.

Players can enjoy the game offline without the need for Wi-Fi or an internet connection, offering a convenient gaming experience wherever they are. Coming soon to the adventure game are exciting additions such as pets, multiplayer with friends, large settlements for player interaction, clan bases, and more. The developers are committed to expanding the game’s content to provide a rich multiplayer experience with PvE quests and exciting raids on powerful adversaries.

Join the adventure in Live or Die and immerse yourself in the challenge of survival amidst a zombie-infested world.

For further updates and information, you can visit the Live or Die: Zombie Adventure Facebook page at

If you encounter technical issues or have suggestions for game improvements, you can reach out to the game developers via email at [email protected]. Your feedback is valued, and the team will strive to address any concerns promptly.



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